Your handwriting is an extension of you and an art that is quietly fading away due to the ease of digital communication. We’re all for the convenience of sending a quick email or text and using apps to take notes or organize our grocery lists, but nothing can beat the joy of receiving a handwritten card or the comfort in finding an old love note in instantly-recognizable script.

This course not only encourages handwriting but more importantly, teaches techniques to make your natural penmanship something you’re proud of (and therefore excited to use!).

Because most of us learn best by watching, this online class is a series of fifteen videos that walk you through projects and techniques to help improve your penmanship and develop your lettering style. You can watch and re-watch to learn new techniques and then pause the video to practice on your own. Printable paper and worksheets are included to help with practice.

The course includes:

* a full resource guide with favorite paper, pencil, pen and eraser options
* the five techniques that will instantly improve your handwriting
* simple methods for practicing control, consistency and line forming
* 13 examples of letter styles with worksheets to practice
* practical tips for effectively spacing, centering and writing on a straight line
* the best chalk art supplies and practices
* a brilliant method for transferring art to a chalkboard
* how to create fake calligraphy
* four creative ways to address envelopes
* start-to-finish lettering project


The class and all its content takes place online in a password protected classroom. Go at your own pace, moving from section to section as quickly or slowly as needed.

You will have unlimited access to the class so you can always refer back to it as needed.

All questions can be asked in the comment section of each topic. This will act as our forum and helpful troubleshooting for all students.

Due to the digital nature of the course, registration is non-refundable.


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  1. (verified owner)

    We attended the last course and it was well worth it – great mother and daughter time (dd11 and dd9). We air-played the class onto the television so we could see it on the big screen and did it at our own pace. We are all keen on writing notes to friends and it improved our art work too. I learned about products that are on the shelf and I just never noticed before. Have fun with your family and return home safely from your road trip Emily. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Yours truly, Beverley

    • That’s so wonderful! So glad you enjoyed the class.

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